The answer to the question

The answer to the question that ends the conversation is the proper response

The above is a metaphor, which serves to depict the simplicity of the philosophy of self-defense. The explanation is simply this:
The question serves to metaphorically represent the initial attack or offensive act by your assailant.
The answer serves to metaphorically represent the response to neutralize or mitigate the attack by your assailant.
The conversation and the ending of it, metaphorically represents the entirety of the exchange and the successful neutralization of your assailants attack.
Self-defense is ultimately driven by the love and appreciation that you have for yourself, your family and close friends. No matter how vigorous or violent the nature of the defense; ultimately the love of your life and that of those that you love, should remain ever greater than any hatred or animus against your assailant. To the degree that you prioritize, in such a way as to make equal to or greater than, the safety of yourself and loved ones; the bringing about of harm to your assailant, you have lost the Way of self-defense……….and instead have engaged in a fight.


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