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Flow: This is the ability of one to blend with their environment in an effort to nullify or neutralize any adverse impact. To blend, go with, or flow with your environment is to match it in such a way as to appear as if you are one, and in complete harmony with it. Within the dynamics of an altercation, blending or flowing with a strike, is to neutralize its impact by going in the same direction and with the same velocity, such that an impact never occurs or occurs with neglible effect.

Spiritually speaking, the ability to flow, is the ability to mirror ones internal energy to fit the dynamics of their environment. To flow or blend is an ability, acquired through practice and training.┬áThere is always a question of should you flow or blend; but that speaks to another principle yet to be discussed…..

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Initial Speed

Initial Speed refers to the physical ability of one to overcome the inertia of stillness, and execute a move as quickly and decisively as possible. In vehicle testing terms, it is the classic 0-60 standard for cars.

Physically, a calm and peaceful demeanor makes for one to perform quick and decisively, far more effectively than being tense. Spiritually, regulating ones internal disposition allows, allowing for calm; enhances ones Initial Speed.

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Posted by on January 10, 2012 in Daily Principles