Daily Principles

The Daily Principles are based on the 8 Principles of Blossom Fist. A principle will be identified daily for one to focus and reflect on. The term identified will either be one of the eight principles, or will stem from one of the eight principles.


One response to “Daily Principles

  1. Instructor Dan

    January 10, 2012 at 4:59 pm

    Principle of the Day: Initial Speed

    Initial Speed refers to the physical ability of one to overcome the inertia of stillness, and execute a move as quickly and decisively as possible. In vehicle testing terms, it is the classic 0-60 standard for cars.

    Physically, relaxation of the muscles allows for one to perform quick and decisively, far more effectively than being tense. Spiritually, regulating ones internal disposition allows for calm; and thus, enhances ones Initial Speed.


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