Koncepts Applied Fitness Boot Camp

Fitness and Conditioning Bootcamp

The Koncepts Applied Fitness and conditioning Boot Camp program is a 6 step program, with each step lasting 4 weeks. This class can either be geared towards individual privates, small group privates or within the context of an open class format. Class tuition depends on the type of class. Unless a client specifies, he/she will be enrolled in an open group class. The class, as one might expect, is high energy and designed to improve the clients conditioning.

Koncepts Applied Fitness and Conditioning Boot Camp places the client in a great position to assume training in other areas of Koncepts Applied Martial Arts. Some of our clients walk away satisfied with their conditioning, without additional training: as long as you’re satisfied, so are we. The conditioning program is designed to improve some of the core areas of an individuals (especially martial artists) performance, including agility, endurance, strength, balance, etc. In addition to challenging, we definitely try to make the drills fun. If you are interested or have any questions regarding attending a Koncepts Applied Fitness and Conditioning Boot Camp, please feel free to us at 713-732-6561 or send an e-mail request to


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