Self-Defense Classes in Sugar Land, TX

Self-Defense Classes in Sugar Land, TX

Koncepts Applied martial arts self-defense program serving the Sugar Land, TX community will be opening enrollment for kids and adults, group classes soon.

The Self-Defense classes below are broken into various student sub-groupings (i.e. women, kids, etc.) to underscore the flexibility of the training system, thereby allowing us to emphasize and tailor the program to the specific needs of our audience. Once the schedule and location becomes available, we will post this information. Please stay tuned. Our private and semi-private small group classes have been extremely popular. Information regarding our private and semi-private group classes are detailed below.

Adult Self-Defense private instructions. Self-defense private classes for adults consist of practical training and techniques used to prevent or repel various attack scenarios. Men and women, 18 and over, are all welcome.

Group Instruction available. Group instruction is designed for corporate or other client organizations that would like to see their employees, better equipped to assess and respond appropriately to threatening situations. Group rates depend on the number of participants, the duration of class (i.e numbers of days) and location.

Kids Self-Defense private instructions. Self-Defense instruction for kids, consists of age appropriate, real life instructions intended to better equip kids with the ability to protect themselves. The training also further develops coordination, discipline, focus and overall motor development skills.

Women’s Self-Defense private instructions. Self-defense instruction for women is focused on training women to be better equipped to prevent or respond to attack scenarios that are particular to women. Attack scenarios include issues of stalking, physically abusive situations, etc. The goal of this class is ultimately have women in a healthy and safe, abuse free environment.

Senior’s Self-Defense private instructions.
Self-defense instruction for seniors is focused on training that enables seniors to be better equipped to prevent or respond to attack scenarios. The techniques and methods are designed to be practical and effective. Additionally, the class is also focused on martial based exercises designed to prevent or repel the ailments that attack us as we age, so that our seniors can live healthy and vibrant lives.

If you are interested in any of these classes, or have any questions, please feel free to contact us at the following e-mail address:


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